From tomorrow, private gatherings of 6 people in the metropolitan area… Restaurant/cafe ‘Quarantine Pass’


In such a situation, our daily life collapses again. You can meet up to 6 people in the metropolitan area and 8 people in other areas from 00:00 tomorrow (6th) 4 hours later. A quarantine pass is also required at restaurants. A reporter is out on the street in front of Hongdae, Seoul.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon, how are the expressions of citizens ahead of the strengthening of quarantine and the reactions of self-employed people?

The weather is a little chilly and it is Sunday evening, so the streets of Hongdae in Seoul are rather quiet.

Still, a day before the measures to strengthen quarantine, many citizens came out to enjoy the year-end atmosphere.

[박은지/경기 의왕시 : 연말이라 다들 즐거운 마음이고 (방역 지침이) 많이 풀렸다고 해서 약속도 많이 잡혔었는데 거의 80% 이상은 다 취소된 거예요. 지켜야 되니까 어쩔 수 없죠 뭐.]

However, self-employed people who have barely sighed in the step-by-step recovery of daily life are concerned.

Although the restriction on business hours was omitted from the special measures, it is because of concerns that the expansion of the application of the quarantine pass will hinder business.

[정경미/식당 운영 : 손님들이 위축을 하는 거죠. 저희들은 만반의 준비를 하고 있는데 손님들이 좀 안 움직여요. 방송 한 번씩 나와서 바뀌고 바뀔 적마다 타격이 있죠.]

For 4 weeks from tomorrow, the maximum number of private gatherings will be reduced to 6 in the metropolitan area and 8 in non-metropolitan areas.

In addition, the quarantine pass, which was applied only limitedly to entertainment facilities and indoor sports facilities, is extended to multi-use facilities such as restaurants and cafes.

To use the facility, you must bring a certificate that two weeks have passed since the completion of vaccination or a PCR negative confirmation.

However, it is possible for an unvaccinated person to use a restaurant or cafe alone.

Marts, department stores, wedding halls, religious facilities, etc., where it is difficult to check the quarantine pass collectively, are an exception.

The measures to expand the quarantine pass were to go through a one-week guidance period, so penalties such as fines for negligence will also be imposed from the 13th for violating the quarantine rules.

The government predicted that the effect of the strengthened quarantine measures would appear in one to two weeks, but it was decided to be implemented by January 2 next year, but depending on the corona epidemic situation, the quarantine may be tightened or loosened more.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyuk, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)

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