Figure skating Cha Jun-hwan wins the first round of the Olympic swim… Beijing is visible


Korean figure skating singles male and female singles, Cha Jun-hwan (Korea University) and Yoo Young (Surigo) won the first round of the Beijing Olympics.

In the men’s single free skating in the 2021 KB Financial National Men’s and Women’s Figure Skating President’s Cup Ranking Tournament and Beijing Olympic National Team 1st Selection, held at Uijeongbu Indoor Ice Rink, Cha Jun-hwan had a technical score (TES) of 69.77, an artistic score (PCS) of 84.30, and two deductions. combined to give it a score of 152.07.

With a total score of 239.16, including 87.09 points in the short program, Cha Jun-hwan surpassed 2nd place Si-hyeong Lee (237.01 points, Korea University) and 3rd place Gyeong Jae-seok (Kyunghee University, 204.64 points) to reach the top.

Photo = Provided by the Korea Skating Federation, Yonhap NewsIn the women’s singles free skating that was held earlier, Yooyoung received 137.56 points, including 71.68 points for TES, 66.88 points for PCS, and one point deduction.

With a total score of 208.59 points, including 71.03 points in the short program, Yoo Young beat 2nd place Kim Ye-rim (205.82 points, Surigo) and 3rd place Yoon Ah-seon (200.97 points, Gwangdong Middle School).

Cha Jun-hwan and Yoo-young, who took first place in the men’s and women’s division, aim to secure their qualification for the Olympics through the second round of the national championship and national team selection to be held from the 8th to the 9th of next month.

Cha Jun-hwan greatly outpaced 3rd place Gyeong Jae-seok by 34.52 points, making him more likely to participate in the Beijing Olympics.

Korea secured two each for the men’s and women’s single Olympic quarters, and the results of the first and second rounds are added up, and the top 1 and 2nd place athletes will participate in the Beijing Olympics.

The men’s singles Cha Jun-hwan, Lee Si-hyeong, and Kyung Jae-seok and the women’s singles Yoo Young, Kim Ye-rim and Hae-in were also qualified to participate in the Four Continents Championships in this tournament.

In the women’s singles, 3rd place Yoon Ah-sun, 4th place Shin Ji-a (Yeongdong Middle School), and 5th place Kim Chae-yeon (Yang Su-jung) did not meet the senior age qualifications, so Hae-in Lee, who ranked next, secured the place.

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