Daegu City “Shincheonji Church Closed and Banned from Gathering Maintained”


Daegu City announced today (5th) that it will maintain the facility closure and gathering bans imposed on the Daegu Church of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Dadaeoji branch, during the Corona 19 pandemic last year.

The city decided not to accept the recommendation of the 2nd Administrative Office of the Daegu District Court, after internal discussion and litigation guidance from the Ministry of Justice, to cancel the Shincheonji Daegu Church’s facility closure and gathering ban ex officio, and to reapply a disposition similar to that of other churches.

The city notified the court of this decision.

Regarding the background of the city’s failure to accept the recommendation for adjustment, Daegu suffered the greatest economic and psychological damage as the largest number of Shincheonji confirmed cases, and 12 cities/provinces including Daegu maintain a ban on gatherings, religious facilities He said that he took into account the fact that social distancing is still in effect.

The decision was also affected by the fact that the Shincheonji facility is vulnerable to group infections due to difficulties in keeping distance, such as there are no seats, and the Ministry of Justice, which oversees the lawsuit, also decided to ‘commit to not accept the mediation recommendation’.

Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “Protecting the safety and health of Daegu citizens is the top priority for the government until the end of Corona 19.”

In October last year, the Daegu District Court issued a mediation recommendation for an amicable settlement in relation to the ‘suit for claiming invalidity of the facility closure order’ filed by the Shincheonji Daegu Church against the mayor of Daegu last October.


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