CNN fires anchor Anchor Cuomo ‘Governor of New York’ involved in resolving sexual harassment allegations


▲ Brother Andrew Cuomo, former governor of New York (left) and his brother Chris Cuomo, former CNN anchor

CNN has announced that it has fired its anchor, Chris Cuomo.

“We have broken up with Cuomo after a fact-finding investigation, and this layoff takes effect immediately,” CNN reported.

The move comes amid ongoing investigations into whether Cuomo violated journalistic ethics and intervened in the sexual scandal of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

CNN also added, “New facts have been revealed during the investigation.

However, he did not disclose what the new revelations were.

Cuomo, a former anchorman, is suspected of having helped his brother by secretly communicating with his aides. and was excluded from the job.

According to new testimonies, it is revealed that he was involved in his brother’s political affairs far deeper than what CNN had already known.

According to a document released on November 29, it was revealed that Cuomo gave advice whenever his brother expressed his position and tried to understand in advance what other media outlets such as Politico were trying to report in relation to his brother’s sexual scandal.

His older brother Andrew already stepped down as governor of New York in August.

The New York State Attorney’s Office released a report in August that Cuomo molested or harassed 11 former and current female aides, and indicted him at the end of October.

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