CNN dismisses star presenter


Chris Cuomo
CNN dismisses star presenter

Chris Cuomo is no longer with the US broadcaster CNN.

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The implications for his brother Andrew Cuomo’s abuse scandal are stronger than expected. That’s why CNN fired Chris Cuomo.

Last Tuesday, the CNN star presenter Chris Cuomo (51) was suspended, now the US broadcaster finally pulled the rip cord. The brother of the ex-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, 63, has been sacked. According to consistent media reports, CNN boss Jeff Zucker announced this in an email from employees. In the meantime, the broadcaster has also confirmed the dismissal on its own website.

It followed a recommendation from a law firm charged with investigating Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s abuse scandal. Chris is said to have helped Andrew defend himself. He was “involved to a greater degree” in Andrew Cuomo’s defense strategies than was previously known, it said.

Did Chris Cuomo call colleagues in the press?

Several women accuse the politician of having sexually molested them. So far, Cuomo has denied the allegations, but stepped down in August after massive public pressure. Chris Cuomo then contacted other journalists to find out what the alleged victims really know. However, he publicly rejected such connections and stated that he had never made calls to colleagues in the press to find out about his brother’s situation.

Chris Cuomo responded on Twitter already on his release and wrote: “This is not how I wanted to end my time at CNN, but I have already said why and how I helped my brother.” Cuomo moderated the news program “Cuomo Prime Time” until the very end and was considered one of the figureheads of the internationally successful broadcaster.


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