China ‘fails US democracy’… Biden’s ‘democratic summit’


The Democratic Summit, led by President Biden, will be held on the 9th. Analysts say that they were actually targeting China by inviting Taiwan to the meeting but not China, but China is fighting back, saying that American-style democracy has failed.

Correspondent Song Wook from Beijing.

This is an international forum titled ‘Democracy: Common Values ​​of All Humanity’ held yesterday (4th) in Beijing.

The CCP and the government that hosted the event emphasized that over 400 people from more than 120 countries or regions attended, arguing that there is no universal model for democracy and that the key is to get it working.

[션하이슝/중국 공산당 중앙선전부 부부장 : 인민을 중심에 두지 않고 인민의 행복을 증진시키지 못하는 민주주의는 혼자 중얼거리는 것이고, 자신과 남을 속이는 것입니다.]

This is a counter-argument to the Democracy Summit hosted by the United States on the 9th.

China is reacting sharply to this democracy summit, which is evaluated as actually targeting China by inviting Taiwan but not China.

Following the publication of a white paper emphasizing the superiority of the country’s system, it also released a report strongly criticizing American democracy.

He argued that American democracy had changed into plutocratic politics and elite politics, and cited congressional riots, racism, and failure to respond to COVID-19 as examples of failures of the American democratic system.

The United States, which has invited 110 countries to the summit for democracy, is preparing measures that seem to target China.

It is known that the government is pursuing measures to sanction foreign government officials and related persons who have committed corruption and human rights violations, and to restrict the export of technology and equipment that can be abused for human rights violations.

The intensifying conflict between the US and China is spreading into a confrontation between regimes, ideologies, and camps.

The pressure from the two major powers, the US and China, forcing them to choose one, is also likely to increase.

(Video coverage: Kyu Ma, Video editing: Won Hee Won)

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