Blue House “End of missile guidelines, make the space industry a new growth engine”


Park Soo-hyeon, senior presidential secretary for public communication at the Blue House, evaluated the termination of the missile guidelines agreed upon at the Korea-US summit in May, saying, “We are now able to lead the young and talented people into space and make the Korean space industry a new growth engine.”

Chief Park said, “With the end of the missile guidelines, we can freely develop various space launch vehicles.”

He continued, “The global space industry is growing rapidly. In 2018, the global space industry was worth $360 billion, and it is expected to grow to about $1 trillion in 2040.” It is only 1% of the world,” he pointed out.

Chief Park also explained the meaning of the end of the missile guidelines, saying that the launch of multiple low-orbit military reconnaissance satellites will dramatically improve the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of our military, and upgrade the 68-year-old South Korea-U.S. alliance.

While enumerating the diplomatic efforts that led to the end of the missile guidelines, Chief Park evaluated that “President Moon Jae-in’s determination and strong will to secure the sovereignty over missiles” were effective.

He also pointed out that the complete termination of the missile guidelines is in line with the government philosophy that President Moon stated at the Armed Forces Day event on October 1, 2019, that he would take the lead in responding to any security threats with defense systems including light aircraft carriers.

The light aircraft carrier project, mentioned by Chief Park, is President Moon’s pledge. Earlier, during the National Assembly review of next year’s budget bill, it was cut in full, leaving only 500 million won, but at the plenary session on the 3rd, the government’s original bill of 7.2 billion won was passed.

It is said that the hotline between the Blue House political affairs line and the ruling party leadership moved during the process in which the budget for the light aircraft carrier project, which was the ambush at the end of the negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties, was passed according to the government’s original plan.

In the end, it seems that President Moon’s will that the cut budget must be restored in order to continue the light aircraft carrier business even in the next government had a major impact.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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