Before the closing day.. Views that sparked controversy in the “Cairo Film Festival”


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Sunday 05 December 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

The red carpet for various festival events always witnesses surprises related to the looks of the stars and stars who appear on it, topping the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites and becoming an object of controversy among the people.

“Masrawy” reviews the most prominent star views of “Red Carpet” at the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, from the opening ceremony until the sixth day of the festival’s activities.

Hind Akef

Hind Akef’s unfamiliar look made her the head of the social media talk as soon as pictures of her were circulated while participating on the red carpet.

Hind appeared dressed in pharaonic clothes, which some considered a strange and inappropriate appearance on the red carpet at the Cairo Festival.

To complete the look, she decorated her hair with pharaonic accessories, as well as wearing a pharaonic bracelet on top of her arm and the famous pharaonic belt.

– Heba Magdy

The artist, Heba Magdy, won the admiration of many pioneers of social networking sites, after she starred in a modest look, on the red carpet, as she wore a black dress, shiny with its upper half, and embroidered stars in the form of stars in the waist area, which made the pioneers of social networking sites care about her appearance and talk about it.

-Ahmed al-Fishawy and his wife

As usual, the exchanged kisses between the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy and his wife Nada Kamel were controversial, and the festival is not without this scene, according to the pioneers of the social media.

The photographers’ lenses were keen to document the romantic moment during their appearance on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival, which started yesterday.


While the Tunisian artist, Dora, sparkled with her attractive and distinctive look on the red carpet, and caught the attention of the social media audience as a symbol of elegance while appearing at art festivals.

Dora wore a dress similar to the black sky during the evening, which was worn by the artist Dora, and the black dress was distinguished by the shiny details, which were very similar to the stars, in their glow and distinctive colors.

She coordinated with the dress an arm-length glove with the same shiny details as the dress, and many of her followers interacted on social media, praising her look,


The show dancer, Jawhara, sparked a state of controversy, because of her daring look on the red carpet, as she wore a shiny silver dress, with a cupped cut, and was distinguished by the presence of a bold leg opening on one side.

She adopted a calm make-up, and chose to leave her curly hair loose on her shoulders, and coordinated with the look a clutch in the same color as the dress. She also wore diamond jewelry consisting of long earrings, a ring, and a bracelet.


Actress Phaedra sparked a state of controversy after she appeared in a “t-shirt” bearing a Quranic verse, as she appeared, wearing a “t-shirt” with the phrase “nations like you” written on it. like you.”

Good morning

The Jordanian artist, Saba Mubarak, topped the search engines, after appearing with a stark and sexy look, during her participation on the red carpet, the Jordanian feature film “Daughters of Abdul Rahman”, and the photographers’ lenses took pictures of her that showed that she was not wearing a bra.

Saba wore a red dress of “lace” that was open at the top of the chest, and the abdomen was exposed, as some described it as “the boldest looks so far”.

And she coordinated with the dress earrings of the same material as the dress, in addition to light makeup, with loose hair on the shoulders, in addition to a bag of the same material and color as the dress, which added to the attractive look.

– Georogina tawaf

Georgina Tawaf appeared on the fifth day of the events, in a brown velvet dress, which was exposed at the back area, and she adopted strong make-up, and chose a ponytail hairstyle.

Arwa Gouda

The artist, Arwa Gouda, appeared on the red carpet for the fifth day of events, with a charming and daring look, as she wore a dress that exposed the shoulders and the abdomen area, in silver and decorated with embroideries completely.

She adopted a soft make-up, chose a lifted hairstyle, and coordinated with her look a silver clutch.

Sisi’s gift:

In a bold red dress, Miss Egypt Heba El-Sisi appeared on the fifth day of the events, which came with a one-sleeve story, and is characterized by a bold leg opening, and she adopted a soft make-up, and chose the hairstyle that lifted up, and wore jewelry consisting of a collet, earring, and coordinated with the clutch. The same color as the dress.

– Nahed El Sebaei

On the seventh day of the festival, the artist, Nahid El Sebaei, appeared with a bold look, as she wore a short golden dress, open from the chest area, embroidered with pieces of lobes that resemble “glass”.

She coordinated the exotic look with high-heeled shoes, the same color as the dress, in addition to a distinctive hairstyle that fell on her shoulders.

-Razan Maghrabi

Actress and broadcaster Razan Maghribi appeared in a bold look on the eighth day of the festival, as she wore a glossy black top and an asymmetric pocket decorated with silver kerchiefs.

Razan coordinated the look with open high-heeled shoes, and adopted the loose curly hairstyle.

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