5,128 new confirmed cases… From the 6th, 6 people in the metropolitan area and 8 people in the non-metropolitan area


Yesterday (4th), the number of corona19 confirmed cases increased by 5,128 a day, continuing the 5,000 level for five consecutive days. The government has decided to suspend daily recovery, and from tomorrow onwards, reduce the number of people allowed for meetings and significantly increase the number of facilities that apply the quarantine pass.

Correspondent Park Chan-geun.

As the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 continued to rise above 5,000, the number of patients with severe cases recorded 744, similar to yesterday.

The death toll increased by 43 a day yesterday, and a total of 3,852 people have died from Corona 19 so far.

As the number of patients with severe cases has rapidly increased, the beds for corona patients are approaching saturation.

Currently, the utilization rate of intensive care beds nationwide is 79.1%, and in the metropolitan area, 85.5%.

The number of patients waiting at the hospital bed increased by 60 in one day to 954.

As key indicators deteriorated unprecedentedly after the phased recovery of daily life, the quarantine authorities decided to suspend daily recovery and strengthen quarantine measures again from tomorrow.

First, in the case of private gatherings, the number of people allowed in the metropolitan area will be reduced from 10 to 6 people, and from 12 to 8 people in the non-metropolitan area, 4 people each.

Each meeting may contain only one unvaccinated person.

The number of facilities applying the quarantine pass will be greatly expanded from the existing 5 facilities to a total of 16 facilities.

The newly applied facilities include restaurants and cafes, academies, PC rooms, libraries and reading rooms, study cafes, movie theaters, performance halls, and museums.

From February next year, the quarantine pass will be applied to 12 to 18 years old, that is, from 6th grade to 3rd grade of high school.

However, this quarantine measure did not include measures to limit the business hours of multi-use facilities.

Today, the primary vaccination rate for COVID-19 vaccine is 83.1% of the population, and the secondary vaccination rate is 80.5%.

Those who completed the so-called booster shot or booster vaccination were counted as 7.7% of the population.


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