5 stars who shined with “skin” on Red Carpet Cairo Film Festival… Get inspired by them


12:30 PM

Sunday 05 December 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Some of the stars of the 34th Cairo International Film Festival chose to appear in “black leather” looks, which were different from dresses of different colors, cuts and fabrics, to be distinguished by these looks on the festival’s red carpet.

In this report, “Masrawy” sheds light on the most prominent appearances of the stars with “skin” during the festival’s activities.

-Ola Rushdie

Actress Ola Rushdi chose to coordinate a casual look in black and blue leather, as she appeared in one of the festival’s events with black “shorts” and coordinated it with a leather jacket also in pink, which made the look distinctive and different.

Sarah Abdel Rahman

As for the artist, Sarah Abdel Rahman, also in one of the festival’s special events, she chose to coordinate the tight black leather pants with a huge fur jacket in beige and black.

– Darren Haddad

As for the bold leather style, it is what the artist Daren Haddad chose, who appeared in a short dress above the knee of black leather, which came with sleeves and exposed at the chest area.

– Hoda Al-Mufti

The bold and sexy character of “leather” was also chosen by the artist, Hoda Al-Mufti, who appeared in a short leather dress with sleeves and an opening on the chest area, decorated with golden chains and an elegant tie around the middle area.

She wore open leather shoes with a lace around the leg, giving the look a distinction.


As for the artist Phaedra, she chose the leather trend by wearing a black leather jacket, which she coordinated with a black tulle pocket and a white T-shirt.


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