14 civilians killed in military fire in northeast India


Local media reported that at least 14 civilians and one soldier were killed in a military fire in northeast India.

According to the report, a member of the ‘Assam Rifle’, a paramilitary organization belonging to the Indian Army, opened fire on a truck carrying 30 miners yesterday (4th) in the village of Oting in the northeastern Nagaland state, killing 6 people.

A local police official said, “The military misunderstood the miner in the truck as a rebel,” said a local police officer.

When the news became known, hundreds of people from nearby villages flocked to the vicinity of the military base to protest and some even set fire to military vehicles.

The military then opened fire on them again, killing 7-8 more civilians, and it is known that several were injured.

Reuters reported that 14 civilians and one soldier were killed in the accident, citing officials, and the Associated Press and NDTV counted the number of civilian deaths at 13.

In the wake of the shocking disaster, authorities took urgent action.

The Army said in a statement that “the highest level of investigation into the cause of the casualties is ongoing” and that it will take appropriate action in accordance with legal procedures.

Interior Minister Amit Shah, who is regarded as the ‘second-in-command’ of the Indian government, also wrote on Twitter, “I am deeply saddened by the unfortunate accident that occurred in the village of Oting” and express my deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

In northeastern India, which borders Myanmar, such as Nagaland and Manipur, for the past few decades, rebel groups with roots in the local tribal society and seeking independence have been active.

On the 13th of last month, an ambush by rebels occurred in Manipur, killing five soldiers, including a colonel of the Indian army, and at least two civilians.


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