[인-잇] As a firefighter, my house is on fire (ft. be careful)


Fires always happen in unexpected places.

Fires always happen at unexpected moments and unexpected places. However, it can be predicted that there are not many fires in the summer statistically because the frequency of occurrence varies by season. On days when such predictions coincide with the actual number of fires, there are days when soot does not get on the fire fighter’s clothing. One time, close friends gathered together and talked about this.

“But these days, the light doesn’t work, is it?”

“Well~ Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the fire for ten days now.”

“Woah~ Woah~ Don’t say that. Then something big will happen!”

“Oh, I made a mistake. Cancel that word.

After lunch, I went to the rescue team’s office to grind coffee beans. Without knowing the other team, our team grinds coffee beans and brews coffee. I think the influence of the team leader who grew up as a church older brother and became a church father is huge. Thanks to that, we cut waffles or go flower-viewing at a brunch cafe with a mountain view instead of drinking. It is also mandatory to drink at least 3 cups of coffee per day. A few days ago, I witnessed a mosquito sitting on my forearm, sticking its snout, sucking blood, and opening my eyes like a seaman. Perhaps because of the caffeine in my blood, mosquitoes flew all night without sleeping that day.

Customers came from all over the place to drink coffee from the rescue team, and the fire was ordered right around the time the coffee was being brewed.

“Fire Response Fire Response! Black smoke is coming out of the house, and please proceed towards Namwon OO Middle School. Feeding pump, planting water tank, Namwon rescue, Namwon command, Yongseong pump, Yongseong first aid..”

After pressing the flashing dispatch bell, I pulled out the dispatch order and saw a familiar address.

“Huh?! This is near my house!!”

“Chief, I’ve arrived at the site, but isn’t the class manager’s house on fire? Haha”

It was an urgent moment, but I put my tension down a little at the youngest’s joke and got on the wreck.

“The road in our neighborhood is narrow, so pump trucks and water tanks might not be able to fit in.. First of all, I think it would be better for a wrecker to go into the alley next to it rather than the road marked on the navigator.

The location indicated in the directive was very close to my house. There seemed to be a difference between the house and the street number by one, and there was a report in the order that ‘the house next door was on fire’. If the house next door was on fire, it would be our house or another house next door.. There are only two households on the floor I live in. Is this a prank call?

While arriving in the neighborhood, I changed into fire-proof clothes and looked up at the sky to see black smoke rising. As I opened the rear shutter of the wrecker, grabbed the door opening tools, and strode towards the smoke, I felt something bad. It’s a very familiar building, with pump hoses stretched out, and many firefighters were already putting out the fires going up and down the building. When I arrived in front of the building, I saw that it was my house…

For a moment, my eyes are black and my head is white. Not knowing what to do, I just followed the familiar stairs into our house. The walls and ceiling were all black with the black smoke, and the floor was filled with the footprints of firefighters. Next to the refrigerator was a pillow that I cuddled and slept with, and a footprint was engraved in the center of it. “Uh.. you shouldn’t step on that…” It was hard to see because of the dense smoke, but close to 10 firefighters were invited to the unowned house.

“The lights are out. Get out. Get out.”

I was pushed out of the house at the beckon of a team leader to leave. It’s my house, and it’s a bit funny to say who doesn’t go out, but I didn’t care because I had already lost the ability to think. Each step of our house was placed in a long time and space that made me wonder if it was this far. As I took off my fire helmet and trudged down, the lady next door shouted at me.

“That’s it!! That’s it! That’s the fireman’s house! Oh, what should I do?”

“Fireman’s house is on fire”

After that incident, he enjoyed superstar popularity at the Namwon Fire Department for a month. There was no one who didn’t know me, and people I didn’t know before went back and forth to ask where I was and how I was doing. It’s not even my birthday, but chicken coupons suddenly arrive, and I promise to buy you a meal here and there. If it was in the past, I would have said, “How can I get a free meal when a man has face?” When the house is stable, they say they will do it once, and fill their stomachs when they can eat.

There were a lot of inconveniences about going back and forth between the motel, but there were also convenient aspects. There has never been a better excuse than this.

“Chief Choi, how many videos have you submitted until this month?”

“Ah yes… About 15% right now?”

“No, why haven’t you done that yet?”

“I don’t have a home.”

“Isn’t the outfit for Chief Choi so comfortable?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My shoes are on fire…”

“Chief Choi, are you going to the swimming pool these days? You should take the lifesaving test in the second half of the year.”

“I can’t afford to swim because my house is on fire.”

Previously, hearing these difficult-to-answer questions would have left me scratching the back of my head and scratching my head without answering properly.

The only problem was when I returned to my daily life after work and became a fire victim. I couldn’t get used to seeing the charred house. The head of the center who arrived at the scene of the fire first and broke the window was very surprised to see my picture on the chest of drawers. He also said that he tried to keep the items from being damaged as much as possible, but despite these efforts, most of the items in the house were dead. Except for clothes and blankets, it was burnt or consumed black smoke, so it was impossible to use it. I pushed things to one side of the dimly lit room and lay down on a yoga mat. When I looked at the ceiling, it was so dark like my heart that I was filled with darkness and tears came to my eyes.

“Why did this happen to me?” I kept asking the question, but only a deep sigh came back. I had all sorts of thoughts.

To be honest, it was only for a brief moment, but when I arrived at the fire site and went up the stairs of the house, this thought occurred to me.

“Is this a hidden camera? Isn’t someone coming out holding a cake and clapping?” “Did I get promoted?”

It was a brief moment, but if that was the case, I thought about what kind of expression I should make. Life has turned out the way I thought it would. Ominous premonitions were never wrong. The ominous feeling that I had heard from the moment I received the dispatch order soon became a reality and unfolded in front of my eyes. Surprise scenes like dramas were just dramas. At this point, the drama should be shortened a bit. Life is a drama, and I wonder if there is anything else I need to watch.

Change the question to “Did this only happen to me?” I thought about it, so I asked the senior firefighters. He said that he had heard of a fire in a plastic house owned by a firefighter, but he had never heard of a case where his house caught fire and he was rushed to put out the fire, like mine. I thought I would get some advice and some comfort if I had an unfortunate colleague who went through the same thing as me.

One of the many thoughts came to my mind that stabbed my heart. We got together on a summer day and said that there was no fire, as if ‘complaining’.

“You talked about other people’s misfortunes too easily because it’s something I’m familiar with. Did you get those words back?…”

Shh, be careful.
As a fire victim, I have never had such a hard time and inconvenience. The dread of not having a home to live in right now came as a great stress. All of the life that was possible with a house in the meantime was twisted at once. Sleeping, eating, exercising, doing laundry, even if you want to cut your toenails comfortably on the floor with a tissue, there is no suitable space. My brother-in-law looked at me uncomfortablely at the moment when he cut his nails and moved to toenails at his brother-in-law’s house, where he moved in for a while after living in a motel. It was an unspoken message to cut the toenails all over the place, if there is a house later. rude guy. It was a huge disaster for the individual when all these big and small things came together. In addition, it was this fire that was accompanied by all the dark emotions that humans can feel, such as the frustration of not knowing where to start right now, the feeling of loss of wealth and memories at the same time, dread, and fear.

I didn’t think of everything in the world as retribution or reaping what you sow. One day, while walking on the street, I fall for no reason and get seriously injured. But I definitely felt that I had to be careful with my words. Even if there was no connection between what I said and the fire, the thought that the fire had already started flashed in my head. Even for the sake of mental health, I should not say things that could be the seeds of unhappiness.

Not long before the incident, there were students wearing school uniforms and smoking at a playground in a local park, so I sent them back home with a promise to discipline them under the pretext of being a firefighter uncle. Thinking about it now, my face burns with embarrassment. At that time, I told the children, “Children, even a cigarette can make a big fire. When you become an adult and smoke, make sure to rub it off. Let’s be careful with fire.” ‘, but these days, I often think about it. Even the boiler room outlet spark sparks a big fire. Don’t say your last goodbye.

The firefighter’s house is also on fire. Let’s be careful and be careful.

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