Sergio Mayer, in the eye of the hurricane after attacking journalist


Once again, the actor and businessman Sergio Mayer is in the middle of the controversy, this time for physically and verbally attacking a television host.

During the Composers Expo 2021, which took place in the United States this Friday, Mayer lost his temper in front of Javier Ceriani after he asked him about his links with organized crime after the publication of the book “Emma and the other ladies del narco “, published by journalist Anabel Hern├índez and in which her name appears.

When the driver wanted to question Mayer, he ignored him and it was when Ceriani claimed that his wife, Issabella Camil, called him “garbage.” The former deputy lost his temper and reacted violently.

“Be careful what you talk about my wife,” the former Garibaldi replied.

Although Ceriani argues that Mayer physically violated him, the actor denies it and affirms that he only asked the Argentine to be careful with what he said and not to be rude to his wife.

In addition, he pointed out that his reaction was a response to the constant provocations he was subjected to by Javier Ceriani.

“He was waiting for me, he was saying to me:” Let’s see if the coward shows his face. “I have always shown his face. I have always responded to all of you, but from there that you become the star, I do not I see you doing catwalk, or you are a reporter or you want to star, “Sergio explained.

For his part, Ceriani published a video in which Mayer’s alleged behavior is reported to a police office.

“I personally cannot let this go. This cannot happen. I did not provoke him, I did not assault him, I did not insult him, I never looked for the fight. What’s more, I was excited, I said: this man is finally going to show his face and He’s going to tell me all the questions, ‘”Ceriani said on social media.



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