‘New Ace’ Lee Yoo-bin, another gold medal… Ranking No. 1 Run


20-year-old Korean short track speed skater Lee Yoo-bin won the second gold medal in the 1,500m World Cup.

He ranked first in the rankings in this event and revealed the prospects for the Beijing Olympics.

Lee Yoo-bin kept 3rd place from the middle of the final race and saw an opportunity, and while the world’s strongest sprinting and Canada’s Saro compete for the lead with the last lap remaining, he exquisitely dug into the gap in the in-course, took the lead, and ran a golden race. Finished.

After winning a gold medal in the first event and a silver medal in the third event, the prospect of the Beijing Olympics was revealed.

Lee Yoo-bin, who saluted with big hands at the last awards ceremony thinking of his brother who went to the military, this time raised one finger and celebrated 1st place in the World Cup rankings.


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