Sunday, November 28

Vietnam’s proliferation soars again… 12,000 new confirmed cases

As the spread of COVID-19 in Vietnam is remarkable, the number of new cases has risen to 12,000.

It is the first time since September 12 that the daily number of confirmed cases has reached 12,000.

Ho Chi Minh City had the highest number of new confirmed cases with 1,582, and Hanoi, the capital, had 264.

In Vietnam, the number of daily confirmed cases fell to 2,900 on the 12th of last month, thanks to strong quarantine measures such as city blockades and suspension of public transportation for several months.

However, after easing quarantine measures in consideration of the economic downturn, the number of confirmed cases turned to increase.

In Vietnam, 68.4 million people, more than 70% of the population of 96 million, have been vaccinated at least once, of which 46.1 million have been fully vaccinated.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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