“Vanessa Mai is a great woman”


Mike Singer
“Vanessa Mai is a great woman”

Vanessa Mai and Mike Singer appreciate each other.

© Viktor Schanz

Mike Singer and Vanessa Mai release their song “As if you love me” together. In the interview, the two rave about each other.

Mike Singer (21) and Vanessa Mai (29) are two young artists who have gone through the roof in Germany in recent years. Now the two have teamed up to release a song together. “As if you love me” will be released on Friday (November 26th) including Music Video. The single is about a toxic love affair and has a haunting message: “That anyone who is in such a situation is not alone. There are ways and there are solutions, even if it means closing with this topic,” explains Mike Singer in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

He has not yet experienced a toxic relationship himself, “but I was already in a relationship that felt very one-sided to me,” says the 21-year-old. How did you come to work with Vanessa Mai? According to Singer, the two met at a joint advertising deal. “In addition, we are still working with the same producers, so one thing led to another.”

Mike Singer promises “more big things” with Vanessa Mai

The two musicians are obviously on the same wavelength: “We definitely get along very well and I would say that a small friendship has already developed,” says Mike Singer. Mai is “a great woman and a great artist”. He has a lot of praise for his colleague: “She is very professional and hardworking. She has a great output and is also very committed to our collaboration, just as if it were about her own song. Not everyone does that and I guess I.”

Vanessa Mai also raves: “I love artists who burn for their passion and focus and work with heart on their music,” she explains. “Mike is such an artist. I also always appreciate when artists think without limits and do what feels right and good. This is how our collaboration came about.”

Can the fans look forward to further collaborations between the two musicians? “I’m sure that more big things will happen to Vanessa and me,” promises Mike Singer.



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