Sunday, November 28

Today’s SBS 8 News Preview (November 26)

[SBS 8뉴스]

Today on SBS 8 News

▶ The number of hospital beds waiting in the metropolitan area surged by 370 in one day

▶ Stronger than ‘Delta’… So-called ‘nu’ virus appeared

▶ Jung In-i’s mother, life imprisonment → commuted to 35 years in prison

▶ About 5,000 amputation accidents a year… accessories that are too expensive

▶ ‘Daejang-dong Suspicion’ Choi Yoon-gil, former Seongnam Mayor Police Attendance

▶ Investigation and seizure of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of ‘Lee Seong-yun’s indictment leak’

We will provide you with detailed information about

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