Psychological tricks Black Friday merchants use to trick discount freaks


12:34 PM

Friday 26 November 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Various stores and shopping sites offer offers and discounts on various goods today, Friday, during the “Black Friday” season, which falls on the last Friday of November every year.

In this season, stores rely on the temptation factors that make customers accept to buy products, as well as the psychological games that merchants exploit among some and their obsession with discounts.

Dr. Iman Abdullah, a consultant psychologist, revealed another aspect of the “Black Friday” season, during which everyone flocks to buy and seize the opportunities of discounts, explaining that psychology plays a big role during the season of sales, through the so-called “marketing psychology” that guides shop owners and companies. Especially electronic ones, which have become more popular, to gain and attract citizens to buy without paying attention to the reality of offers and the extent of their need for them, so they play psychologically on customers in a thoughtful manner, by giving them a feeling of satisfaction with the products and their prices.

She added to “Masrawy”, that marketing psychology accommodates the needs of customers, and aims to make citizens greedy to buy everything that is discounted, noting that there are some means that merchants use to benefit from marketing psychology, which are:

– Effect through colors:

Some brands choose to present offers in attractive colors, such as orange and red, and thus invest those colors in the psychological effect to promote the sale of their products.

Targeting everyone, even those you don’t intend to buy

Merchants invest in the factors that make people buy, regardless of who likes the discount or needs the product or not. Everyone falls under this psychological influence, even if some do not intend to buy and are satisfied with just taking an idea of ​​the offers.

Use the time element

The element of time with regard to offers and discounts is exploited, especially since the period of offers is limited to certain days and duration, so merchants play to make customers feel psychologically satisfied when making purchases during this time and seize the opportunity to offer, when there is a state of satisfaction, the person is qualified to buy without putting an end to his needs .

– Pricing method digital 0.99

The pricing method is used with the number 0.99, to attract people to buy on Black Friday, and it plays on psychological strength because anyone looks at this number psychologically, and it is a number that has a psychological impact while shopping, the eye always focuses on the last number and not the first, for example price 4 Pounds did not attract the khas, while the price of 3.99 attracts him more, despite the fact that the discount is small.

– Price Comparisons

Stores adopt a strategy of price comparisons between what was the price before and what is after the sale, so the person automatically finds himself comparing the two prices, which gives him the impression that the product is valuable and has a golden opportunity that will not be repeated.

– Attractive Offers

Stores offer tempting offers by offering groups of the product. Instead of buying a piece, buy three at a discounted price, and the person finds himself without thinking about buying the group even if he does not need it. His thinking is only to exploit the offer, and therefore the merchant invests and disposes of the products in the stores.

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