President Moon held a special quarantine inspection meeting on the 29th… “Discussion of quarantine measures”


President Moon Jae-in will preside over a special quarantine inspection meeting for COVID-19 response at the Blue House on the 29th, next Monday.

Blue House spokeswoman Park Kyung-mi said in a written briefing today (26th), “After the meeting, there will be a joint briefing with related ministries.”

Spokesperson Park said, “This special quarantine inspection meeting evaluated the implementation of a four-week gradual recovery of daily life in a situation where the rapid implementation of additional vaccinations and expansion of beds is urgent as the number of seriously ill patients is increasing, especially among the elderly. It is a place to check the status of additional vaccinations and quarantine and discuss countermeasures.”

The special quarantine inspection meeting will be attended by the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister of Economy, the Deputy Prime Minister of Social Affairs, the Minister of Health and Welfare, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, the Minister of Government Policy Coordination, the Minister of Food and Drug Safety, and the Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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