Monday, November 29

Police catch drunk woman’s hair… Standby Order Measures

A video has been released of a police officer holding a woman’s hair and shaking it while holding back a drunken and making a fuss. The police placed the officer on standby and started an investigation.

By Hong Seung-yeon.

A drunken woman lies on the floor and makes a fuss.

A woman who screams without being able to control her body properly.

However, the police officer next to him, who was dissuading her, suddenly grabs the woman’s hair and shakes it.

The enraged woman swings her fists as if trying to hit the police.

[때려, 때려, 때려!]

At around 11 pm on the 4th, in an alley in Seomyeon, Busan, a physical fight took place between a drunken woman and the police who tried to stop it, and it became known when a video was uploaded on social media at the time.

It was confirmed that the two police officers in question belonged to the Seomyeon District Police Department in Busan, and were dispatched after receiving a report from a nearby store that there were drunken women on the street.

[경찰 관계자 : 신체접촉을 좀 덜 하려고 하다 보니까 그럴 수도 있을 것 같고 정확한 상황은 지금 파악 중입니다.]

The police explained that the incident was caused by a woman spitting and assaulting a police officer first, but admitted that it was an inappropriate action.

The police plan to issue a standby order for Police Officer A, who grabbed the woman’s hair, and determine the exact circumstances through inspection before deciding whether to take disciplinary action.

(Video coverage: Jeong Kyung-moon, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)

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