Patricia Kelly surprises with a photo of another family member: “My beloved sister Caroline”


Patricia Kelly
Suddenly she posts a photo with sister Caroline

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For all those who only know the members of the band, the siblings around the “Kelly Family” are a real surprise: A few years ago Paul Kelly suddenly appeared in public, now it’s the eldest sister Caroline.

How big can the Kelly Family actually get? – one asks oneself in view of a post by Patricia Kelly, 52. Well, the real “Kelly” fans of course know who the singer was photographed with, but for the newer generations who have heard the hype about the nine-piece band in the Didn’t notice the 1990s, this snapshot should come as a surprise. It shows the eldest daughter in the family: Caroline, 59.

Patricia Kelly enjoys spending time with her sister in Rome

Patricia and Caroline are currently in Rome, the rest of the active “Kelly Family” (John, Jimmy, Joey, Kathy and Paul are there too) is there too. As Patricia informs her fans, the family is currently filming a TV documentary on RTLZWEI. Laughing, the two sisters photographed themselves in front of the Spanish Steps, Patricia gives Caroline a kiss on the temple. Patricia’s husband Denis Sawinkin, 48, also traveled with whom she is currently publishing romantic photos and videos from Italy.

“My beloved sister Caroline and bella Roma … I love you sooo much, sister. I am overwhelmed by emotions”, Patricia writes in English about the snapshots, which also make her followers feel great. “Ohhhhh that’s nice. It makes your heart open right away” and “Oh how nice is sibling love! Nice to see how much you love each other!” Are just two of the many touched comments.

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Will Caroline now also become a member of the Kelly Family?

Furthermore, the user noticed the great similarity of Caroline to sister Kathy Kelly, 58. The two have the same mother with Janice, Dan Kelly’s first wife. Her brother Paul Kelly, 57, who is now an active member of the band, also comes from the first marriage of the former Kelly head. The following eight children have his second wife Barbara-Ann as their mother, who died of breast cancer shortly after the birth of the youngest child Angelo Kelly, 39.

Will Caroline, who was also in the band from 1974 to 1982 and then worked as a nurse, will now join the “Kelly Family” again and be on stage with her siblings? The fans want to know for sure and are already looking forward to the family get-together in a musical sense.

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