Other Höhner members have Corona


According to Henning Krautmacher
Other Höhner members have Corona

Henning Krautmacher and two other Höhner band members have tested positive for Corona.

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After Höhner singer Henning Krautmacher tested positive for Corona, two other band members were also infected.

After Höhner singer Henning Krautmacher (64), two other members of the group were also infected with the corona virus. Because “two other band members tested positive and are currently in quarantine”, the band had to cancel four concerts. The organizer announced this to Meyer concerts on Facebook. The upcoming dates of the “Höhner Christmas” tour in Bergheim, Krefeld, Neunkirchen and Trier between November 30th and December 5th are affected.

“According to the circumstances, Ede and Micki are doing well”

“Such a crap”, writes the band on Facebook and explainsthat guitarist Edin Colic and keyboardist Micki Schläger are affected. “But Ede and Micki are doing well under the circumstances.” It is hoped “that everyone will get well again quickly and that we can start again as soon as possible”.

Only recently had the Höhner appearances in Mönchengladbach, Leverkusen, Duisburg and Aachen canceled. Front man Krautmacher had tested positive for the virus, like on the band’s homepage had been confirmed.

It is currently not known what the next dates of the tour will be. A concert in Düsseldorf is scheduled for December 8th. According to the current status, shows are also planned in Siegen, Koblenz, Neuss, Wuppertal and Cologne.



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