Sunday, November 28

Octavio Ocaña: Piñata of “Benito Rivers” unleashes controversy in networks

The recent creation of Piñatería Ramírez, which decided to put the figure of actor Octavio Ocaña on sale, who lost his life on October 29, has caused various comments on social networks.

The “Benito Rivers” piñata, as the actor was known in the “Neighbors” series, is already on display in the piñata that previously created the figures of Donald Trump, Thalía and many others that have transcended borders.

For some social media users It has not been pleasant that the piñatería removed this figure after the tragic death of the actor.

Although in its social media accounts the piñatería ensures that the figure was created as a tribute to Octavio Ocaña, a large number of social network users They have raised their voices because they assure that the piñata is a lack of respect for the actor’s family.

In its publication, the piñatería wrote the following accompanying the photographs: “Our tribute with affection and respect for Benito Rivers. He did not want to be an actor, nor did he want to be murdered,” they wrote.



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