november 27 greetings


⊙ Ministry of Education △Planning and Coordination Office Choi Kyung ⊙ Ministry of Foreign Affairs △Planning and Coordination Office Director Hyungchan Choi △Consul for overseas Koreans〃 Kim Wan-joong ⊙ Ministry of Personnel and Innovation ◇High-ranking public official (Director level) △Deputy Director Seongju Joo ◇〃 (Director level) △Planning Coordinator Jeongmin Lee ⊙ Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power ◇Director △Auditor Owned Seob △Strategic management Lee Han-yong △Technical issue management Hong-joong Choi △Structural technology Tae-ryong Cho △President In-sik Park, Head of Public Relations Team ◇Director △Quality Assurance Jang Hee-seung △ Hydropower Chang-seop Kwon △ Yangsu Construction Yong-gwan Seo △ Safety Kim Ki-young △ Personnel Sang-jo Yoon △ Procurement Wan-guk Park △ Kori Nuclear Power Headquarters 1st Power Plant Director Ha Hoon-kwon △Hanbit Nuclear Power Headquarters 〃 Lee Seung-hee △〃 3rd Power Plant Director Lee Kyung-soo ◇Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant △External Cooperation Director Jang Jeong-il △1st Power Plant Director Wonho Won △2nd〃 Kim Jae-won ◇Hanul Nuclear Power Plant Headquarters △2nd Power Plant Director Kim Byung-ho △3rd 〃 Song Jong Tue △ Shin Han-ul 1st Construction Manager Shin-jong △ Saeul Nuclear Power Division 2〃 Choi Sam-seong ◇ Pumped Power Plant Director △ Muju Kwon Tae-gyu △ Yangyang Kim Chang-kyun △ Cheongsong Bae Bong-won ⊙ Korea Expressway Corporation ◇ General Manager △ Management (acting) Kim Jang-hwan △ Sales Kim Myung-ho △ R&D Kim Yu-bok △ Human Resources Dept. Lee Yong-yang ⊙ UPI News △ Industrial Dept. Park Il-kyung ⊙ Kumho Asiana Group Kumho Construction △ Vice President Yang Yong-yong Jo Wan-seok △ Managing Director Hong Seong-pal Kumho Express △ Managing Director Han Myeong-ho Cage △ Managing Director Lee Chang-woo ⊙ LS Group LS △ Chairman Koo Ja-eun ◇CEO △ President Myung Rohyeon LS Cable △Vice President Koo Bon-gyu LS Mtron △ Vice President Shin Jae-ho LS Buildwin △ Director Kim Jae-myung G&P △ Director Son Min JIelmarin △ Director Kim Nak-young LS Metal △ Executive Vice President Moon Myung-joo LS ITC △ Executive Director Eui-je Jo GRM △ Managing Director Jeong Kyung-soo LS Electric △ Vice President Kim Won-il △ Managing Director Lee Yu-mi LS Ni Senior Vice President Baek Jin-soo LS Electric ◇President △Global/SE CIC COO Kim Jong-woo LS Cable & System ◇Vice President △Energy & Construction Business Division Kim Hyung-won △ Executive Director Lee Sang-ho △ Managing Director Kim Jong-pil Kim Ki-su Kim Byeong-ok Ko Eui-gon LS Electric △ Vice President Kwon Bong-hyun △ Managing Director Hwang Won-il Park Seok-won Kim Byeong-kyun Kim Yu-jong LS Cho Wook-dong Chae Dae Nikko Copper Smelting △ Managing Director Park Seong-sil △ Managing Director Tae-sun Choi LS Mtron △ Managing Director Chan-seong Park E1 △ Managing Director Jeong-sik Cheon △ Managing Director Sang-moo Kim Sang-hoon Yesco Holdings △ Managing Director Se-young Choi ◇ Director LS △ Won-kyung Jang Pang Su-man Lee Tae-ho LS Cable & System △ Hong Seong-su Kim Jin-goo Kang Byeong-yoon Park Seung-gi Kim Sang-gyeom LS Lee Jin-ho Kwon Soon-chang Kim Soon-chan Woo Yun Won-ho Koo Byeong-su Choi Jong-seop LS Nikko Copper Smelting △ Oh Chang-ho Han Dong-hoon Lee Seung-gon LS Mtron △ Hyun Jae-nam Choi Young-cheol Song In-deok LS Materials △ Lee Hee-young LS Metal △ Oh Chang-ho

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