Middle school students who spread a video of beating friends


There were cases where first-year middle school students gang assaulted their classmates, filmed the scene, and distributed it to other friends, even causing secondary assaults.

Reporter Minji Shin of KBC reports.

One student knocks over and beats the other.

The violence does not stop despite the struggles of the students on the floor.

One of the perpetrators encourages fights like a sports broadcast.

[가해 중학생 : 그렇지. 멈추지 말고 계속 때려야 돼. 그런 거는 너 찬스잖아, 이거는… 이때는 다 후려야 된다니까 막아도….]

On the 6th, the perpetrators summoned the victim, a classmate, to a park in Gwangju and assaulted them, and the video taken at that time was distributed to friends through SNS.

The victim student was shocked when he found out later that the video of the assault had spread.

[피해 학생 어머니 : 메신저를 통해서 친구들한테 하나하나씩 다 유포를 한 거예요, 그날 가서. 그게 (근처) 초등학교나 (중학교나) 거의 안 봤을 친구가 없을 정도로….]

It is known that the perpetrators filmed and distributed the assault video to show off their power.

They are only freshmen in middle school, but the level of violence is as high as that of adults.

[고희영/광주광역시 청소년상담센터 상담 : 청소년기에 민감하게 반응하는 SNS상에서 이런 동영상이 떠돌아다닌다 그 사실만으로 부끄러운 일일 수도 있을 것 같고, 일상에 복귀하는 데까지도 상당히 좀 많이 오래 걸릴 것 같고요.]

The victim’s side informed the school of the assault and sued the police for defamation of the perpetrators who spread the assault scene on social media.

(Video coverage: Jang Chang-geon KBC)


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