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Lim Jong-hoon beats 6th place Lin Yun-ru and advances to the World Table Tennis Round of 16… ‘Two wins’ until bronze medal

Lim Jong-hoon, ranked 71st in the world, defeated Lin Yunru of Taiwan, ranked 6th in the world, to become the only Korean player to advance to the men’s singles round of 16 in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Finals.

Jonghoon Lim defeated Lin Yunlu 4-3 after a full set match in the third round of men’s singles on the third day of the tournament held in Houston, Texas, USA on the 26th.

Im Jong-hoon, the only Korean male among the five male singles players to reach the round of 32, now has two more wins to win his first individual medal at the World Championships.

At the World Table Tennis Championships, two bronze medals are awarded without a match for 3rd or 4th place.

The fact that there is no Chinese player in the match for Lim Jong-hoon based on the final inflates the expectation of winning.

Four Chinese players, Pan Jeon-dong (1st), Wang Chu-qin (16th), Lin Gaoyuan (7th) and Liang Jing-kun (9th), survived the matchup opposite Lim Jong-hoon.

There was only one Chinese player, Zhou Qihao, in Lim Jong-hoon’s side, and even that lost to Timo Ball in the second round.

Jong-Hoon Lim’s next opponent will be the winner of the Truls Moregarde-Patrick Francisca match.

Among them, Franceska, who seems likely to be the opponent of Lim Jong-hoon, is a strong player who won the silver medal in the team event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the silver medal at the 2014 Tokyo World Championships in the team event, and the silver medal at the 2018 World Championships in Halmstadt.

In this game, Lim Jong-hoon’s power drive and Lin Yun-ru’s sophisticated counter collided.

Lim Jong-hoon led 3-2 and took a 7-5 lead in the 6 games they hit, but was shaken by Lin Yun-ru’s counterattack, which takes a lot of rotation, and was reversed, and the game went to 7 sets.

In the 7th set, after two deuces, Lin Yunlu’s last counter went off the table, and Lim Jong-hoon’s victory was confirmed.

After the bloody battle, Lim Jong-hoon stretched his arms to the sky and cheered.

The men’s team cruised in doubles.

Lim Jong-hoon and Jang Woo-jin defeated Marcos Madrid-Riccardo Villa 3-0 and advanced to the third round.

Lim Jong-hoon (left) and Jang Woo-jin (Photo = Courtesy of the Korea Table Tennis Association, Yonhap News)

Jo Dae-seong – Ahn Jae-hyun Jojo-do Bode Abioden – Olazaid Omotayo turned 3-1 and advanced to the third round.

Dae-seong Cho (left) and Jae-hyeon Ahn (Photo = Courtesy of the Korea Table Tennis Association, Yonhap News)
Meanwhile, the women’s national team withdrew ahead of the second round of the women’s doubles match between Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee due to Shin Yu-bin’s wrist injury.

Shin Yu-bin (Photo=Courtesy of the Korea Table Tennis Association, Yonhap News)
‘Teenage Duo’ Mixed doubles Shin Yu-bin – Cho Dae-seong Jo has stopped challenging.

The remaining women’s doubles group, Hyo-Joo Choi and Shi-On Lee, advanced to the third round by defeating Melanie Diaz and Adriana Diaz 3-0.

(Photo = provided by the Korea Table Tennis Association, Yonhap News)

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