Monday, November 29

Lee Jae-myung “We need 24-hour support for Dr. Helicopter… Life over money”

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung met with residents of an island village in Sinan, Jeollanam-do on the 26th, the first day of the ‘Weekly People’s Bus (Matta Bus)’ tour in Honam, and continued the walk of livelihood.

Candidate Lee met with local residents and medical staff of the doctor helicopter at the Shinan-gun emergency medical helicopter (doctor helicopter) apron and held a ‘people’s neighborhood meeting’.

Candidate Lee mentioned the need to expand support for rural and fishing villages, including island villages, and also brought up the concepts of local currency and basic allowances that he was promoting.

Candidate Lee said, “If you add up (rural) direct payment, farm equipment repair and purchase costs, fertilizer seed price, etc., (the amount of support) per household in rural areas exceeds 10 million won per year,” he said. It will survive,” he said.

He continued, “I think it would be okay to convert part of the rural basic income.” “If you spend the same budget, you can use the basic income form so that it can be used in the region, so that the income of the region can increase, multiply the number of families to receive the subsidy. I wish I could,” he suggested.

Candidate Lee has also repeatedly emphasized the importance of the Doctor Helicopter, which is called a ‘flying emergency room’.

“If there is a patient on the island, it is very difficult to receive treatment,” he said. .

He also said, “Helicopter transportation is expensive, but we are making money to use it for that.” He also said, “Didn’t Chun Doo-hwan usurp power and endure without paying fines, and even if he had tens or hundreds of billions of dollars, he ended up leaving empty-handed?”

In addition, after hearing the complaints of the working-level staff that there are cases where the Doctor Helicopter is used like a taxi, he suggested, “It would be good to make a regulation that would charge the cost if it was obviously unnecessarily dispatched.”

Candidate Lee also said, “I think it is necessary to do 24 hours (operating) even if it costs money.” “It requires a lot of manpower and there is a budget problem, but it is not impossible.”

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