Monday, November 29

Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo selected as the best player by the Professional Baseball Retired Players Association

‘Grandson of the Wind’ Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo has been awarded the ‘2021 Best Player Award’ by retired professional baseball players.

The Korea Professional Baseball Retired Players Association said, “Lee Jung-hoo recorded the batting average of 0.360 this season and won the title of batting champion, and was the youngest player to record 150 hits for five consecutive years.”

The award ceremony will be held on the 2nd of next month at 12:00 noon at the Hotel Rivera in Seoul, and Lee Jong-beom, the father of Lee Jung-hoo, the vice president of the Korea Professional Baseball Retired Players Association and LG coach will directly present as the presenter.

The ‘Best Pitcher Award’ went to Samsung Baek Jeong-hyeon, who ranked second in ERA and tied for fourth place, and the ‘Best Hitter Award’ was awarded to SSG Choi Jeong, who took home run king title with 35 home runs.

Lotte Choi Jun-yong, who achieved 20 holds, receives the ‘Best Rookie Award’.

KT Park Kyung-soo, who received the Best Player Award in the Korean Series this season, was selected as the recipient of the Legend Special Award.

In addition, the Baekincheon Award will be given to Kim Do-young of Gwangju Dongseong High School, who was first nominated by the KIA, the Ama Special Award to Wonkwang University Cho Hyo-won, and the Achievement Plaque to Director Lee Young-bok of Chungam High School.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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