Monday, November 29

Investigation and seizure by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, ‘Lee Seong-yun’s alleged leak of indictment’

In connection with the alleged leak of the so-called Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office, Lee Seong-yoon, the high-ranking public officials’ crime investigation department, that is, the Airborne Division, conducted a search and seizure at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office today (26th).

It is known that this search and seizure is to check the messengers of the internal network of the investigation team of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, which handed over this high prosecutor’s office to trial in May on charges of outsourcing the illegal departure ban investigation by former Vice Justice Kim Hak-eui of the Ministry of Justice.

At the time, the contents of the indictment by the high prosecutor at the time were reported in the media before the party even received it, raising suspicions of leaking the indictment.

The Ministry of Air Transport received an accusation from a civic group related to this and started an investigation in May.

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