Introduction of stalking early warning system… “I was arrested even before the investigation.”


The police have decided to introduce a four-step early warning system to prevent stalking crimes such as the Kim Byung-chan stalking and murder case.

Today (26th), the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a meeting to improve response to stalking crimes presided over by Commissioner Choi Gwan-ho and began to prepare countermeasures such as introduction of an early warning system.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency decided to create a response system so that appropriate measures can be taken step-by-step by dividing the stalking crimes into interest-caution-vigilance-severe levels according to the severity of the case and the degree of risk of stalking.

In the case of the 112 report, we plan to develop a three-dimensional response system that reflects the contents of the report, deviating from the code-based classification, and prepare improvement measures such as handling stalking crimes even before investigation into victims or suspects.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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