Infection exceeded 64% of confirmed cases… Announcement of quarantine measures on the 29th


The news starts today (26th) with the news of Corona. First, additional confirmed cases have not come down from around 4,000 for the third day. In particular, it was found that 6 out of 10 confirmed patients were infected with the coronavirus even after receiving the vaccine twice. As the situation is getting worse and worse, the government postponed the announcement of the quarantine measures that it was going to take today to next Monday.

First news, this is reporter Park Chan-geun.

At this nursing facility in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, an employee was first confirmed on the 20th, and a total of 14 people were infected.

Thirteen out of 14 cases were breakthrough infections that completed primary immunization.

Another eight received a third booster dose of Pfizer vaccine, less than two weeks later.

The rate of breakthrough infection among confirmed cases has risen rapidly, soaring to 64%.

This is a big concern for quarantine authorities.

[권덕철/보건복지부 장관 : 전 국민의 79.4%가 2차 기본접종을 하였음에도 확진자 중 64%가 돌파 감염에 해당되고, 특히 60대 이상의 확진자 중 85%가 돌파 감염자입니다.]

There were 617 cases of severe severe cases, the highest number for four days in a row.

Last month, the average daily death rate was 12, and there were 39 people in a row yesterday and today.

It has been the most since the 4th wave.

All of the key quarantine indicators are getting worse, but the government postponed the announcement of the quarantine measures that it was going to take today to next Monday.

After the special quarantine inspection meeting presided over by President Moon Jae-in is over, the relevant ministries will jointly explain in the afternoon.

He also said that he would come up with effective measures after sufficient discussions over the weekend.

It is known that there were many differences of opinion between the government, experts, and the self-employed over measures to support small businesses according to the expansion of the quarantine pass and the scope of application of the quarantine pass to teenagers.

While the government, which has diagnosed the current situation as urgent, is hesitating and spending time, there are concerns that it may be missing out on the golden time for quarantine.

(Video coverage: Dong-cheol Kang, video editing: Yang Won, CG: Kyung-rim Kang)

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