Including charging the phone on the bed .. 6 mistakes we make without knowing that cause problems


11:00 am

Friday 26 November 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal

Many spontaneous actions cause problems without you even knowing it, so we monitor the most common mistakes that we unintentionally make, according to the “popsuger” website.

1- Charging your phone on the bed:

Do not sleep while you are next to your phone, as this movement causes you many dangers, as it disturbs your sleep and makes it unstable.

Also, if your phone battery is defective, it can cause fires, so you should put it on the charger away from you before you go to sleep.

2- Ignore your neighbors:

There must be a bond of affection between you and them, because in the worst case something can happen to you or you get robbed, they are the first to hear your voice and try to rescue you, or call for emergency, so you must keep in good contact with them.

3- Excessive sharing of life on social media:

Revealing the details of your life and everything you do on social media causes a lot of problems, because people will be aware of your life, especially if you indicate the places you go to, someone may not love you and want harm, and when he knows that you are outside and your house is empty, you are exposed for theft.

4- Register your address on the phone:

This habit that many women do when they use google map is to record the home address on it, and if the phone is stolen from you, it will track your home, so register an address near your home and not your exact address.

5- Increasing the loads on the power outlets:

Overloading the electrical wires in the house, leads to a fire in the house, because of the excessive load on the wires, so do not overload electrical devices.

6- Forgetting to turn off the hair straightener:

Often this movement is done by many women who are in a hurry and use it, and when they finish they forget to turn it off, and this causes fires in the house, so you must make sure to turn off the operation as soon as you are done with it.

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