In the middle of Tokyo, the monthly rent is just ‘1,000 won’… 3 pyeong apartment appeared


Oh! Click The last search term was ‘apartment rent of 1,000 won per month’.

In the middle of Tokyo, Japan, which is notorious for high house prices, a monthly rental apartment for just 1,000 won has appeared.

A well-known Swedish furniture company held an event to offer an apartment in Sepyeong for 99 yen per month. Since the 24th, we have been accepting applications for moving in for adults over the age of 20.

Only one of the applicants will get the opportunity to move in and will be able to live for about one year until January 2023.

Although it is a one-room apartment, there are toilets and showers inside, and vertical products such as bunk beds are used.

1,000 won per month apartment in Tokyo
It is said that the attention of Japanese citizens, who are having difficulties due to the high house prices, is being focused. Domestic netizens responded, “I wish there was something like this in Korea. It’s small, but I have to live.”, “I would have to pay 400,000 won to live in a place like that in Seoul… I’m envious!”

(Screen source: YouTube IKEA JAPAN)

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