In Black Friday.. Find out the prices of winter jackets


02:30 PM

Friday 26 November 2021

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi

The jacket is one of the most important pieces of clothing necessary in the winter, because it helps to keep warm from the cold.

In this context, we remind you of the most prominent discounts on the price of jackets on Black Friday, which falls on Friday.


– Short jacket, mustard color, for 699 instead of 999.

– Men’s long jacket, olive color, for 799 instead of 1299.

– Women’s long jacket, in a floral color, for 799 instead of 1299.

Red jacket, with 699 instead of 1149.


– Men’s casual jacket, in brown and olive colors, for 579 instead of 827.

Women’s jacket, blue color for 299 instead of 999.

– Fur jacket, black color, for 143 instead of 179.

– Women’s short jacket, brown, for 199 instead of 450.

– Women’s leather jacket, black color, for 280 instead of 600.

– Men’s black pump jacket, for 399 instead of 1200.

– Men’s jacket, gray color, for 299 instead of 1399.

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