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How to take your right if you fall prey to fake offers in Black Friday?

11:44 AM

Friday 26 November 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

The last Friday of November every year, stores offer many offers of Black Friday or “Black Friday”, the day the stores launch, every year, discounts on the prices of their products, including smartphones, clothes, fashion, cosmetics, and all devices electrical, and other products.

Although there are some stores and e-marketing sites that have presented their offers and discounts in advance since the beginning of the month, many stores announced that they will offer “Black Friday” offers after Friday prayers, but what do you do if you are deceived and discover that you have purchased a commodity that does not have real discounts?

The Consumer Protection Agency has set some rules that would limit the exploitation of citizens by some merchants and take this period as an opportunity to defraud them. Through its official website, it issued a warning to all suppliers against using deceptive offers and advertisements to promote fake discounts.

The agency confirmed that there will be price verification before and after the discounts from the reality of the records and invoices of chains and stores participating in the Black Friday sale offers, calling on merchants and suppliers to abide by the law and the seriousness of the offer presented to the citizen and the commitment to announce prices and that the price be comprehensive, with the application of the stipulated replacement and retrieval policy. in law.

The agency also specified the duties of merchants during the “Black Friday” season, and also set several tips for citizens so that they do not fall prey to swindlers, which are as follows:

The Consumer Protection Agency appealed to all consumers to adhere to obtaining their rights and to be careful during the comparison between goods and products, and to ensure the seriousness of offers and discounts.

Consumers should make sure that the offers do not include any false statements or allegations about the existence of discounts on the prices of the advertised products.

– Verify the nature of the commodity and its qualities, production date, validity and origin.

Confirm the price before and after the discount to ensure that there are real offers.

Make sure to ask for the purchase invoice even during the “offers” period.

Make sure to apply the exchange and return policy during the period of offers and discounts.

The device called on all consumers to complain to the device about the discounts and fake offers for White Friday through the hotline 19588 from any land phone or through the “WhatsApp” service 01281661880 or through the official page of the Consumer Protection Agency on the social networking site “Facebook”, the website electronic device Press here Or the electronic application on smart phones Consumer Protection Agency.

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