Global stock markets fell all at once due to ‘nuisance’… “Risk Asset Avoidance”


At the news of this new mutation, the financial markets around the world, including Korea, fluctuated greatly. The major stock markets fell all at once on fears that the coronavirus might spread again and the economy might sink.

By Jang Hoon-kyung.

The KOSPI closed at 2,936.44, down 1.47% from yesterday (25th).

It is the fourth consecutive day of decline.

The KOSDAQ also fell for two days in a row and managed to keep the 1,000 line.

It’s not just our country.

Global stock markets such as US stock index futures, European Eurotax index futures, Japan, and China all fell all at once.

This is because the possibility that the new mutant virus could be more lethal than the delta mutation, such as resistance to existing vaccines, has emerged.

[공동락/대신증권 연구원 : 백신 효과를 좀 반감시킬 수 있는 새로운 변이의 등장은 그만큼 금융시장 전반에 불확실성이 커졌다는 의미로….]

It is evaluated that the new mutation accelerated risk asset avoidance in a situation where the US has already declared tapering to recover liquidity, and countries around the world, including Korea, are implementing monetary tightening policies such as raising the base rate.

Following Austria, Slovakia has imposed nationwide lockdown measures, and European countries are again strengthening quarantine measures, causing market concerns to continue to grow.

[서상영/미래에셋증권 이사 : 혹시 또 봉쇄가 진행되는 게 아닐까 하는 우려가 있고요. 가뜩이나 지금 현재 (증시) 고점 논란이 일고 있는 가운데 이런 일이 발생하다 보니까….]

The sense of crisis is growing as the domestic economy, which has grown instability due to the explosion of infections after the recovery of daily life, and the global bad news of a new mutated virus overlap.

(Video coverage: Kim Gyun-jong, video editing: Park Soo-seon)

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