From 60 pounds..the cheapest prices for perfumes in Black Friday


04:00 pm

Friday 26 November 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal

At a time when websites are competing to offer Black Friday discounts, to offer huge discounts on product prices to increase the percentage of purchase, people are looking for these offers and discounts to take advantage of them, in order to get a lot of products at the lowest price.

In the following lines, “Masrawy” presents the prices of perfumes in Black Friday, according to the “Jumia” and “Noon” websites.

Discounts on the price of men’s perfume on Jumia

– Open Roger’s price after the reduction is 229 pounds, instead of 400.

– Hugo Boss, its price after discount is 1150 instead of 1750.

– Lacoste, its price after discount is 450 instead of 590.

– Infinix, its price after discount is 1390 instead of 1750.

– Selection Edp for men, its price after the discount is 89 instead of 260.

Discounts on the price of women’s perfume on Jumia

– My Way, its price after discount is 2100 instead of 2400.

– Seductive perfume, its price after discount is 550 instead of 950.

– Blue Princess, its price before the discount is 62 pounds instead of 104.

Discounts on men’s perfumes at Noon

-Bleu de Chanel, 1860 from 2980.

Sauvage perfume for 1649, instead of 2200.

– 212 NYC perfume for 734 from 1118 pounds.

Classic Black Perfume EDT for 318 instead of 414

Discounts on women’s perfumes at Noon

– Moon perfume for 1533 instead of 2584

– Sea Passion perfume for 999 instead of 2606.

Guess perfume for 423 instead of 899

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