From 2400.. the most prominent prices of 3 brands of TV screens in Black Friday


02:00 PM

Friday 26 November 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Black Friday websites are always competing to offer huge discounts on product prices to increase the purchase percentage.

In the following lines, “Masrawy” presents the most prominent prices of TV screens on Black Friday in one of the commercial sites.

Samsung brand:

55-inch smart TV for 9,199 instead of 11,199

Smart TV 43 inches with built-in receiver for 6,299 instead of 7,000

55 inch smart TV for 14,499 instead of 14,999

24 inch curved screen TV for 2,699 instead of 3,499

43 inch smart TV with built in receiver for 6,999 instead of 8,000

Skyline brand:

39-inch TV for 2,876 instead of 3,599

43-inch TV for 4,300 instead of 4,979

39-inch TV for 3,176 instead of 3,799

Jac brand:

JAC 32 inch HD TV for 2,789 instead of 4,999

32 inch TV for 2,485 instead of 3,000

JAC 43 inch TV for 4,049 instead of 4,999

55 inch smart TV for 5,610 instead of 6,999

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