For mothers.. the cheapest prices for children’s clothes in Black Friday discounts


06:30 PM

Friday 26 November 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal

Shops and brands race to offer the best offers and discounts during the “Black Friday” event, or Black Friday, which falls on the last Friday of November every year.

In this regard, we review the best offers on children’s clothing, according to some websites.

Discounts on children’s clothing at Noon:

– Boys’ beige sweatshirt with graphics at a price of 168 pounds instead of 280.

– Boys’ pullover with seven from the chest in red, for 89 instead of 288.

– Girls’ long, water-proof, oil-colored tuxedo, for 299 instead of 699.

– Girls’ tight pants in black, at 119 instead of 169.

– Girls’ black leather, for 99 instead of 199.

Cheapest prices for children’s clothes on Jumia:

– Boys’ gabardine jacket with buttons in navy at a price of 270 pounds instead of 450.

– My girls’ home made of cotton in pink, at a price of 159 instead of 325 pounds.

– Boys’ blue cotton sweatshirt with pockets, 89 instead of 280.

– Boys’ striped jacket in a mixture of red and black, for 99 instead of 250.

The cheapest prices for children’s clothing on Amazon:

– Boys’ beige gabardine shorts at 150 pounds instead of 250.

– Boys’ gabardine pants in camel color, at 129 instead of 249.

Kochi for my children in black, at 190 instead of 599.

– Pullover with black graphics, for 149 instead of 249.

– Girls’ fur sweater in pink, for 169 instead of 299.

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