First commercialization of self-driving taxis in China… “65 cities in 4 years”


China has started commercializing self-driving taxis for the first time.

After the pilot operation, we started an official paid service for general customers. Correspondent Kim Ji-sung in Beijing took an autonomous taxi.

Vehicles equipped with automatic recognition systems run on the road.

Self-driving taxis.

In order to ride a self-driving taxi, you need to install a separate app.

Let’s call a self-driving taxi directly through this app.

Enter your boarding location and destination, and a taxi will come to you after a while.

The driver is in the driver’s seat, but only checks the quarantine status of the passengers, and the vehicle drives itself.

It changes lanes and obeys signals proficiently, turns on the blinkers and turns the steering wheel when a curve appears.

It detects the movement of nearby vehicles as well as motorcycles, bicycles and passers-by in real time.

Taxi fares were automatically paid through the smartphone app.

[처모 씨/자율주행 택시 승객 : 편리해요. 노선과 시간을 계획할 수 있어요. (안전하다고 느꼈어요?) 매우 안전하게 느껴졌어요.]

Self-driving taxis operate only within Beijing’s Southern Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is about one-tenth the size of Seoul, and is expected to expand to 65 cities within four years.

It is not yet possible to get on and off everywhere.

You can only get on and off the bus at designated places marked with these signs.

[베이징 자율주행 담당 부국장 : 공개 도로에서 30만km 주행 시험, 20만km 유인 시험을 거쳐야 합니다.]

However, safety cannot be 100% guaranteed yet.

In August, a self-driving vehicle collided with a truck in China, killing a occupant, and the U.S. Road Traffic Safety Administration is investigating as accidents presumed to be malfunctions of self-driving functions.

(Video coverage: Choi Duk-hyun, video editing: Lee So-young)

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