Sunday, November 28

Child sexual exploitation producer arrested The first case of ‘identity nondisclosure investigation’

The police conducted a private investigation (disguised investigation) and arrested six people who made or sold sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Division said that it had arrested a 22-year-old man “A” on charges of producing and distributing sexually exploited material under the Child and Adolescent Sexual Protection Act and booked five teenage men and women without detention.

Person A is accused of selling over 75,000 sexual exploitation of children and adolescents through Telegram from last January to recently, distributed through so-called ‘Nth Room’ and ‘Doctor’s Room’.

There are also charges of approaching 5 or 6 children and adolescents and ordering them to produce sexual exploitation.

This is the first case of Mr. A being arrested through a confidential investigation since the introduction of a disguised investigation system to prevent digital sex crimes on September 24.

An identity-disclosed investigation involves accessing criminals to gather evidence without revealing the identity of a police officer.

A police official said, “In order to prevent abuse of the undercover investigation, we have submitted relevant materials to the National Investigation Headquarters so that they can be immediately reported to the Police Commission.”

(Photo=provided by Incheon National Police Agency, Yonhap News)

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