André Schünke flushes the breakdown in the main outlet


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André Schünke flushes the breakdown in the main outlet

Surprisingly, André Schünke presented the main edition of the “Tagesschau” for the first time.

© NDR / Thorsten Jander

“Tagesschau” viewers were amazed when an unfamiliar face moderated the main edition. André Schünke took over at short notice.

The audience was amazed on Thursday evening: at 8 p.m. suddenly a face, almost unknown until now, was standing at the moderation desk of the “Tagesschau” in the first. The journalist and presenter André Schünke (41) presented the news of the day completely surprisingly. A little later, the responsible NDR announced via Twitter an explanation for this unannounced innovation: It was a breakdown in the duty roster!

“Surprised? There was an oversight in the planning,” wrote the Norddeutscher Rundfunk about a picture by Schünke. The newscaster jumped in at short notice: “The best thing about the north is our spontaneity,” the broadcaster said with a wink. Schünke responded to his appeal in another tweet: “I’ve been in the studio for the news channel Tagesschau24 a hundred times, but it feels different for the TS20, you can feel the millions of viewers. “

The “Tagesschau” Twitter channel took the surprise as an opportunity to publish some funny meme tweets about the unexpected premiere of Schünke. Including, for example the well-known from “TV total” “Who are you?” – talk show guest.

At Tagesschau24 as a moderator in action

Schünke, who was born in Lübeck, didn’t just understand the news business since yesterday: he was already a spokesperson for NDR2 and since 2017 for the special interest channel Tagesschau24. He has also moderated regular “Tagesschau” issues, albeit not the most important 8 p.m. primetime issue. Some TV viewers are also familiar with the 41-year-old from the “Nachtmagazin” in Erste and NDR Info.


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