Sunday, November 28

617 patients in severe cases, the most for four days in a row… 3,901 new confirmed cases

As the spread of Corona 19 continued after the transition to ‘step-by-step recovery of daily life’, there were close to 4,000 new confirmed cases today (26th).

The number of critically ill patients was counted at 600 following yesterday, the highest for four days in a row.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, there were 3,901 new confirmed cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 432,901.

The number of new confirmed cases decreased by 37 from yesterday (3,938), but the spread continues with the high of 3,000 for two days in a row.

The number of confirmed cases last Thursday (Friday, 19th, as of the announcement date) is 867 more than 3,34 people.

The number of critically ill patients was counted today at 617, and the number was in the 600 range for two days in a row.

After recording the highest number of 549 patients on the 23rd, the number of severe cases increased to 586 on the 24th, 612 on the 25th, and 617 on the day.

Of the 617 patients with severe gastritis, 526 were in their 60s or older, accounting for 85.3% of the elderly patients.

Then there were 48 people in their 50s, 23 people in their 40s, 14 people in their 30s, 3 people in their 20s, 2 people in their teens, and 1 person under the age of 10.

Today’s death toll is the same as the 39 deaths recorded the previous day, the highest since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cumulative number of deaths is 3,440, and the national average fatality rate is 0.79%.

Of those who died, 37 were over the age of 60, with one each in their 50s and 40s.

In particular, as the number of hospital beds in the metropolitan area is almost saturated due to the increase in patients with severe cases, the number of hospital beds waiting in the metropolitan area is 1,310 today, a 370 increase from yesterday.

The utilization rate of critically ill beds in the metropolitan area is also increasing day by day to 84.5%.

As the COVID-19 situation worsens, with the number of severe cases and deaths being the highest every day, there is a growing possibility that some quarantine measures, including the expansion of quarantine passes, will be strengthened.

Yesterday, the government held a meeting of the Corona 19 Daily Recovery Support Committee to discuss whether to strengthen quarantine measures, but failed to reach a conclusion.

The government plans to announce the final measures on the 29th after further discussion.

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