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[취재파일] F-15K Light carrier with eyes closed Radiation Agency… Eager to install ‘Rooftop’

In the plenary meeting of the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee on the 16th, the cost of improving defense capabilities was drastically cut, which is called a disaster for the DAPA. The cost of improving defense capability is a pure power increase budget supervised by the Defense Agency, and it is a disaster from the perspective of the government that advocates “progress for security” as it has been cut by KRW 652.9 billion, the largest amount since the opening of the agency.

Although unnecessary budgets were reduced, the plan to increase the necessary electricity also faced several crises. I think the DAPA, who failed to do its job, should reflect on it, but there is no expression of its intention. There is also criticism that the ‘Budget for the Radiation Agency’ was increased thrifty in the midst of the cold wave.

The most necessary budget is the F-15K performance improvement, which was not even considered at all. The Air Force is suffering from poor performance of the F-15K, but the DAPA has closed its eyes. The introduction of minesweepers and mobile helicopters, as well as the improvement of tanks, were also halted. The Navy Chief of Staff publicly objected to the budget cuts for light aircraft carriers after completing the project feasibility study and research services.

Imagination of a Korean-style carrier moving forward
On the other hand, the budget for the DAPA and donor agencies has increased considerably. The most notable increase is the budget for the installation of a technology protection center for the defense industry. It is pointed out that the roof-top building is built on top of similar institutions and organizations. While the Bangsa Agency, an agency that subsidizes the military, missed many budgets for military reinforcement, it seems that the budget around the Bangsa Agency was kept with all its heart.

What does ‘F-15K humiliation video’ mean?

The situation of our Air Force main aircraft, the F-15K, is not very good. It is a model introduced from 2005 in the far distance and until 2012 in the near field. It is particularly vulnerable to jamming. The Air Force raised a request for performance improvement, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the request.

Last year, the Korea Defense Research Institute (KIDA) conducted a previous study on the necessity of performance improvement, and concluded that “performance improvement is necessary.” In the course of KIDA’s prior research, it is known that a video of a Russian fighter chasing the tail of an F-15K near Cadiz, an air defense identification zone in the East Sea, was distorted. The Russian Air Force jammed our F-15K, and as a result, there are many observations that the F-15K may have lost a few Russian fighters and left the rear.

As such, the performance improvement of the F-15K is urgent, so the military requested it, and when the preceding research is completed, the DAPA should establish a basic business strategy and then receive a budget to improve the performance. However, it just stopped in the previous research. A military source said, “The DAPA team has finished preparing to establish a basic business strategy, but it is a frustrating situation where the DAPA’s command is not making a decision for some reason.” The budget for next year could not be raised because the basic business strategy could not be passed. The Air Force is dumb cold-hearted.

Air Force main fighter F-15K.  Performance improvement is urgently needed, but the procedure was stopped in previous studies.

The cry of the commander-in-chief of the Navy

The situation was better than the F-15K and the budget was raised, but 41 projects were cut by the National Assembly Defense Committee. Since the maritime operation helicopter did not conform to the basic design and budgeting guidelines, the small sea helicopter did not properly reflect the project feasibility study, so the budgets were drastically cut. The amphibious attack helicopter had an impossible opinion. The budget was reduced for large mobile helicopters, chemo protection suits, special penetration craft, and large transport aircraft because project feasibility studies or prior research had not been completed.

There are many projects that can be pursued if the DAPA has acted prudently. The light carrier budget was also cut by 6.8 billion won, but an aide from the ruling party pointed out, “I didn’t see the DAPA’s efforts to win the light carrier budget with enthusiasm.”

It is normal for those in charge of the Army, Navy and Air Force to weigh 652.9 billion won in 41 cases including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Even if you can’t keep your father’s anniversary, you have to keep the time for electrification, but it’s even more true now that the time for electrification has been delayed in a pile. Yesterday (25th), Naval Chief of Staff Buseok-jong was the only one to criticize the opposition to light aircraft carriers on the Navy’s Facebook page, saying, “I will try to achieve a national consensus and make sure to push forward.” The Air Force and Army are quiet with the DAPA.

Looking at the net increase, the ‘contract legislation’ budget is 5 billion won

Of the defense capacity improvement costs, 15 items were net increased through the National Assembly Defense Committee. Except for 3 or 4 cases, most of them are increases in personnel costs, operating costs, and management costs. It was confirmed that the increase of 5 billion won in three cases, including labor costs of 3 billion won, quality management cost of 1.5 billion won, and operating cost of 500 million won, of the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, an agency funded by the Defense Agency, was the so-called contract legislative budget. The DAPA had the National Assembly propose a bill, and by vaporizing it, they secured money to establish a new institution.

The agency that the DAPA is trying to set up with 5 billion won is the Defense Industry Technology Protection Center. As the number of hacks targeting defense companies increases, we plan to create a dedicated center in preparation for this. However, there is already a Technology Protection Agency within the DAPA. The Ministry of National Defense has a Cyber ​​Command and Security Support Command. All are specialized tools to prevent hacking. The National Intelligence Service also oversees the security of defense companies.

An opposition aide pointed out, “It was not that hacking could not be prevented because there were no relevant organizations and institutions, but it was prevented because they did not actively work” and “It is a three- and four-fold rooftop house.” Another aide from the opposition party commented, “If there is a separate center under the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, even if there is a hacking incident, the Technology Protection Bureau of the DAPA is not liable, so it seems to secure the budget even by enacting contract legislation.”

The DAPA is a place where weapons are introduced through due process in response to requests raised by each military. The DAPA cuts the budget for its own mission to the highest level in history, and it is hard to believe in the DAPA because it is hard to come up with a budget for the establishment of an institution whose effect is not clear. Still, it’s really strange to see people who don’t like it. If you are in the Ministry of National Defense, you will often hear sayings, “The Director of the Defense Agency is the security leader of this administration” and “He is a ministerial level chief who is on par with the Minister of Defense.” I think it is a joke.

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