“Yun Dong-joo baptized with water and Kim Soo-young baptized with fire”


Valentino Kim (63), who became famous as ‘The Delivery Man of Dong-ju Yun’, transformed into a planner to commemorate the 100th birthday of poet Kim Soo-young this year. He is holding a commemorative exhibition <Ah Kim Soo-young> at Insa Art Plaza in Insa-dong, Seoul until the 30th. The commemorative exhibition is by Park Jae-dong, Lee Tae-ho, Kim Gu, Jeong Eung-gyun, Kim Jong-do, Choi Yeon, Park Soon-cheol, Yoo Jun, Lim Deok-ho, Lim Mi-kyung, Jung Ju-hwa, Kwon Do-kyung, Shin Eun-young. With the participation of others, Kim Soo-young


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