Yeliz Koc: surprising statement! ” Jimi can stay as long as he wants ”


Yeliz Koc
” Jimi can stay as long as he wants ”

Yeliz Koc

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Yeliz Koc: That’s how often Jimi Blue can visit his daughter +++ Andrej Mangold hopes for great love in New York +++ Cora Schumacher shows up with a new man.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

25. November 2021

Yeliz Koc makes it clear: That’s how often Jimi Blue can visit their daughter

At the beginning of October, Yeliz Koc, 28, and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 29, became parents for the first time. The relationship between the two celebrities broke up during pregnancy – including the public war of the roses. But as Yeliz now reveals in an Instagram question and answer session, the new mom can count on the support of her ex-boyfriend despite the separation.

When asked whether there are fixed visiting times for the child’s father, the former ” Bachelorette ” participant has a clear answer: ” There are no fixed days. He can come when he wants and stay as long as he wants [sic]”. Seems as if the two could finally settle their argument for the good of their daughter.

Yeliz Koc: '' Jimi can stay as long as he wants ''


24. November 2021

Andrej Mangold is hoping for great love in New York

Andrej Mangold, 34, has big goals: After the past few months, in which the ex- “Bachelor” had a hard time because of the uproar about his behavior at “The Summer House of Stars” and the subsequent separation from Jennifer Lange, 28, he is now looking ahead again. Andrej wants to get started professionally as an actor, presenter and model, as he tells in an interview with “Bild”. This also includes a trip to New York in December, which he wants to use for himself both professionally and privately. Because: In the city that never sleeps, Andrej wants to meet a woman – for the first time. He is just about to get to know her, probably over the Internet.

“This meeting will take place in New York, because she is an international model and at the same time as me in BIG APPLE. For us it will be our first date, and who knows, maybe it really is the ONE. I am full of anticipation “he says to” Bild “. Andrej did not want to reveal who exactly the international model is.

23. November 2021

Cora Schumacher: Three hearts for this unknown man by your side

Is Cora Schumacher, 44, in love again? Only recently, Ralf Schumacher’s ex-wife, 46, dated the “Big Brother” candidate Eric Sindermann, 33. Now she’s with a new man by her side. She shares a photo with around 88,000 fans on Instagram: The photo shows Cora having dinner in the classy Asian restaurant “Zenzakan Pan Asian Supperclub” with a stranger. The former racing driver’s wife beams into the camera while he trustingly put his arm around her.

“My first time in Frankfurt City. I enjoy the company of warm people, great food in a great location”, writes the model about the contribution and adds promisingly: “We will share this world forever …” Three hearts crown the contribution. But who is the man who makes Cora shine? His name is Bernd Breiter and he is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the nightlife brand “BigCityBeats” and organizer of the “World Club Dome”. He commented on Cora’s picture: “Risk of repetition”. Sounds like there’s going to be a sequel. The 44-year-old will certainly keep her fans up to date.

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22. November 2021

Georgina Fleur: Your daughter is supposedly called …

After Georgina Fleur, 31, had their daughter with Kubilay Özdemir, 41, in August 2021, she emphasized that she would not reveal the little one’s face or her name. The latter has now accidentally taken over by her former best friend, ex- “Prince Charming” candidate Sam Dylan, 30. In his podcast “Message from Sam” he gossips and claims that Georgina’s daughter is called Violetta. Georgina is stunned in her Instagram story: I feel really attacked, it scares me, it scares me very much. “The fact that her wish to protect her daughter’s privacy was not respected is a great burden on her.

She just doesn’t want the little one to “go to kindergarten with a burden” because “she is Georgina’s daughter”. When she grows up, her daughter should decide for herself whether she wants to be a public figure or not, said the 31-year-old. And what does Sam say about that? He also reports in his Instagram story and fires back that Georgina himself recently leaked the name. He is reposting one of her stories in which Georgina shows a box full of toys and can be heard saying “Violetta’s toys”. Therefore, he could hardly understand the outrage on her part.

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