Women’s 1,500m short track race secured three qualifications for Beijing Olympics


South Korea’s women’s short track team secured three qualifiers for the women’s 1,500m at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Choi Min-jung, Lee Yu-bin, and Seo Hwi-min, the national team’s signboards, passed the women’s 1,500m first and second qualifying rounds of the 4th ISU Short Track World Cup 2021-2022 held in Dordrecht, the Netherlands today (26th).

In Korea, while Lee Yu-bin ranked first in the World Cup, Kim A-Rang in seventh, Choi Min-Jung in ninth and Kim Ji-Yu in 12th, even in the 4th World Cup, three players advanced to the semi-finals and won three tickets regardless of the remaining matches. I did.

In the Olympic Short Track, each country can enter up to 3 athletes in individual events.

At the Beijing Olympics, the best three scores per athlete are added among the four World Cup results, and in ascending order, a total of 32 tickets for men’s and women’s 500m and 1,000m and 36 tickets for 1,500m are distributed to each country.

However, the securing of three women’s 500m sheets has become unclear.

As A-Rang Kim and Hwi-Min Seo were eliminated in the first round, the ranking point summation took an emergency.

In the women’s short track 500m, depending on whether competitors have earned ranking points or not, they may only be able to secure two tickets.

The men’s national team is also in bad shape.

Kwak Yoon-ki and Park Jang-hyuk, who competed in the men’s 500m, narrowly advanced to the quarterfinals, while Park In-wook was eliminated in the second qualifying round.

Depending on the results of the remaining matches of athletes from other countries, they may fail to secure three Olympic spots.

In the men’s 1,500m, Yoongi Kwak and Janghyeok Park advanced to the semifinals with first place in the second qualifying group, respectively.

Dongwook Kim was eliminated in the second qualifying round.

Choi Min-jeong, Lee Yu-bin, Kwak Yun-ki, and Park In-wook participated in the mixed 2,000m relay with a time of 2:42.310 and passed Group 3 of the preliminaries first.

(Photo = AP, Yonhap News)


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