Travel like the royals: Duchess Catherine’s 5 travel tips


Duchess Catherine
5 travel tips from the Royal that we should all heed

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Duchess Catherine is a total professional when it comes to travel. The 39-year-old has now been at Prince William’s side for over 10 years – visits abroad on behalf of the Crown are practically the order of the day.

Duchess Catherine, 39, has been traveling with her husband Prince William, 39, for over a decade. So it’s no wonder that the Royal has perfected the planning for everything to do with packing and co. Especially after the birth of her children, the Duchess of Cambridge is said to have looked for a few tricks to make visits abroad as pleasant as possible for the Mini-Royals.

Duchess Catherine uses well-known and unusual tricks when packing

A tip that every parent has taken to heart at least since the birth of their first child: Change of clothes. And not just for the kids, but for yourself too. It is important for Duchess Catherine to make a good impression on state visits. Kate should pay particular attention to multiple shoes and different clothing styles – after all, the 39-year-old wants to be able to appear and act according to the occasion. Be it at your cricket match in Pakistan, with flat shoes and a casual outfit, or wrapped up warm in a functional jacket to adapt to the weather conditions in Ireland.

Duchess Catherine is supposed to fold her clothes in tissue paper

It is of course questionable whether Duchess Catherine packs her suitcase herself. Presumably the Kensington Palace housekeeping staff and Kate’s stylist will take care of it. However, it should be Catherine herself who insists that her Dresses in tissue paper be beaten before they land in the suitcase. This creates fewer wrinkles. Particularly sensitive clothes are packed separately and stored on a hanger in the plane.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William during their 2019 tour of Pakistan

Duchess Catherine and Prince William during their 2019 tour of Pakistan

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While the special robes are transported on a clothes rail, one outfit is the focus of the Royal: dhe look for the arrival day. Because as soon as the plane has landed, the press and fans hope to be able to take a direct look at the Cambridges. After a flight of several hours, creases and creased layers can appear. But not with Kate! Your personal assistant and stylist will make sure to use fabrics that are particularly wrinkle-free. Mulberry’s creative director Scott Henshall recommends polyester, olefin, or nylon.

Without these hair and beauty products, Kate won’t get on the plane

Of course, the perfect look also includes one well-fitting hairstyle and flawless make-upthat is not too heavy on the skin. Kate found her travel favorite in the Laura Mercier branded tinted moisturizer.

Kate has her hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker at her side so as not to step off the plane as a “troubled Peter”. This in turn should have 13 brushes and a good hairspray in her hand luggage in order to be able to style the Royal’s hair quickly.

Duchess Catherine and Queen Elizabeth

Suitable cases and bags for the whole family

Royal suitcases can’t get lost? Probably not, but it is still important that that The Royals’ hand luggage is clearly labeled is. Duchess Catherine and Prince William rely on uniform luggage – also for their children Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. So that nothing gets confused and the staff does not have any difficulties in finding the right bag, everyone carries Luggage has a label with the name of the respective royal.

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