The first 600 people with severe cases… Announcing measures to strengthen quarantine tomorrow [퇴근길 코로나 종합 뉴스]


1. As of 00:00 today (25th), there were 3,938 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, which has decreased to less than 4,000 in one day. However, it was the second largest in history nationwide, with Seoul recording the highest number of 1,760 people in history. By age, those aged 60 or older accounted for the largest share at 34.9%.

2. The number of patients with severe severe cases was 612, an increase of 26 from yesterday, recording the first 600 patients. By age, the elderly accounted for 85%, with 150 people over 80 years old, 216 people in their 70s, and 154 people in their 60s. As of 5 p.m. yesterday, the utilization rate of hospital beds for critically ill patients in the metropolitan area was 83.9%. There were also 39 deaths, the second highest after 40 on December 29 last year.

3. Son Young-rae, head of the social strategy division of the Central Accident Management Headquarters, said, “Currently, the definition of an emergency plan is being used vaguely.” “Social distancing is one of the four emergency plans.” Previously, the government explained the four directions of the emergency plan: ▲Expansion of quarantine passes ▲Strengthening restrictions on private gatherings ▲Protection of vulnerable facilities ▲Securing emergency beds. Accordingly, it is known that the government is reviewing individual measures to strengthen quarantine in accordance with the four emergency plans, rather than suspending daily recovery.

4. The Daily Recovery Support Committee, a joint private organization, held its 4th general meeting today and discussed additional measures to strengthen quarantine. The government is scheduled to announce the final draft after a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters tomorrow morning. Based on the four directions of the emergency plan, only those who have been vaccinated can enter restaurants and cafes, and a plan to restrictly apply the quarantine pass to teenagers is being discussed.

5. As a result of a research team led by Professor Eunha Choi, Department of Pediatrics at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, the number of confirmed cases in children and adolescents in the last four weeks was 99.7 per 100,000 people, exceeding 76.0 for adults. According to the Ministry of Education, the number of confirmed cases by school in the second week of November was 7.02 in middle school, 4.54 in elementary school, and 4.51 in high school per 100,000 people. In the case of high school, there were the fewest high school 3 confirmed cases, with the completion rate of vaccination reaching 96.9% in the order of high school 1 (7.1 people), high school 2 (6.9 people), and high school 3 (1.4 people).

6. The quarantine authorities said, “As a result of the Israeli study, it was reported that the effect of preventing infection increased by 11 times and the effect of preventing severe cases by 20 times when the additional vaccination was administered.” Regarding adverse reactions, “As a result of monitoring domestic boosters, the response rate (11.6~19.4%) of the booster dose was lower than the response rate of the primary dose (15.8~34.3%) on the third day of vaccination.” explained.

7. A Chinese employee of Pfizer has been sued by the company for violating an internal confidentiality agreement and stealing more than 12,000 confidential vaccine-related files from the company’s laptop, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported. After 15 years at Pfizer, the employee was due to work for a company specializing in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, starting on the 29th of this month. A federal court in San Diego, California, issued a temporary restraining order for the employee, allowing the employee to review IT devices and online accounts where the employee may have stored the stolen material.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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