Monday, November 29

The Beatles: Almost unknown actors will be Lennon and McCartney in Midas Man, the new biopic

Young actors, relatively unknown to the general public, Jonah Lees and Blake Richardson, will give life to the legendary musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney on “Midas Man“, the new biographical film about Beatles centered on the figure of his manager Brian Epstein.

The British tabloid Daily Mail publishes images of the interpreters who will play the “fabulous four” in a new film that will investigate the history of the discoverer of the band, Brian Epstein, and the man who is credited with the stratospheric fame of the quartet.

Besides Lennon and McCartney, Campbell Wallace will give life to Ringo Starr and Leo Harvey-Elledge it will be George Harrison.

The Daily Mail images capture the moment when the cast of actors recreate a recording session of The Beatles in 1962 at the famous London studios on Abbey Road, in the north of the capital.

At that time, the famous Liverpool line-up released songs that soon became blockbusters like “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me”.

In this “biopic” Jacob Fortune-Lloyd will give life to Epstein, who died of a sedative overdose in 1967 at just 32 years old, while Eddie Marsan (“Ridley Road”) and Emily Watson (“Gosford Park”) will play their parents.

The “casting” also assigns a role to the North American conductor Jay Leno like television host Ed Sullivan.

The Beatles: “Midas Man”

This film was originally going to have been directed by Jonas Akerlund, although he left the project only three weeks before filming began, which has temporarily paralyzed the film.

Akerlund has been replaced by “Vinyl” director Sara Sugarman.

In a statement collected by various media, Sugarman highlights that the actors who will give life to the Beatles “They are an extraordinary group that radiate that very visceral feeling of the 60s; they are charming, playful and so authentic“.



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